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Great insight!

I've been a big fan of this podcast for a while now. I love how Kay always has such interesting and helpful guests on, and the conversations always flow so naturally. It's just such a great listen!

Educational and Fun

Kay’s energy and focus draws you in and really brings out the flair in her special guests. This is edutainment at its best. I highly recommend subscribing.

Awesome podcast!

Kay asks such insightful questions and, therefore, creates wonderful and rich interviews full of wisdom and value.

Impeccable Lead Advice!

Kay was a pivotal point in connecting the value of business to purpose and learning the steps in order to expand perception from singular vagabonding yogi to an effective entrepreneur and leader. After one call with Kay, I experienced an alignment in the perception for the good of humanity and how this shows up in the business model. There is no time like the present and the value Kay brings to the table is impeccable!

Love this Podcast

I have been listening for a while. I love this podcast because the guests have something to share and say and Kay leads such interesting and helpful conversations.

Favorite episode was the one with Ely

I wanted to take a minute to thank Kay and Tom for having Ely on the show. His insight resonates with me. As an entrepreneur his message reinforced the value in building real relationships with potential clients. In my experience, when I focus on the value I can bring to someone and how to help solve a problem that’s what creates the magic! -Jackie

Great Podcast!

Great podcast! You can tell she spends a lot of time perfecting her show.

Engaging and Inspiring

Kay is full of energy and passing. Her interviews and inspiring and informative. She asks better questions to deliver inforation to the her audiences.

Uncensored is a perfect title!

Kay does a great job selecting her guests as a great fit for her audience and asking curious questions. It is breath of fresh air to hear real, honest info and advice from people hustling every day. Give it a listen!

An engaging and interesting podcast

Kay’s such a great interviewer. She understands how to guide the conversation with her guest to teach her audience key strategies for success as an entrepreneur. I’m looking forward to listening to more episodes of the Uncensored Society Podcast and learning with Kay and her guests.

Kay is an engaged & engaging host

She consistently inspires her guests to share their genius in understandable terms so we can all take something away of immediate value. Well done!

Very impressed

Kay is a great interviewer! So many golden nuggets in each episode!

Great show

Love Kay’s energy and curiosity! She is able to pull out the best out of her guests which creates an engaging, fun show!