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Tallal Gondal

#1 International Bestselling Author and Speaker

At one point in Tallal's life, he was jobless, struggling to find his way. By following the strategies in his book, he learned how to connect with Super Achievers and achieve his goals in life. This book will help you learn how to go from Jobless to Building Relationships with Super Achievers so that you can create the life of your dreams.

Since embarking on his journey, Tallal has interviewed Super Achievers, including Corey Poirier, Gene McNaughton Dorie Clark and Don Wettrick. Tallal has also been featured, multiple times, on The Mentee podcast (one of the top Business podcasts on iTunes) and featured in The Book of Public Speaking by Corey Poirier (International Bestselling Author and multiple times TEDx speaker) and also on Corey’s radio podcast Get Paid to Speak.

In ‘Turbocharged Networking’, Tallal outlines the key lessons and insights that he learned on his journey. What makes ‘Turbocharged Networking’ different is the focus on getting started. Building relationships with strangers can be a daunting task, but Tallal breaks this down to simple steps and includes exclusive networking tips from the many Super Achievers he now calls friends.

April 20, 2022

USP: 039 | Being Unbreakable, Unshakable and Unstoppable with Tallal Gondal

#039 - Tallal Gondal talks about the three turbochargers to every human connection. For Tallal, we can never deal with somebody unless we connect with them on a human level first. And when one gets too worked up on making the...