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Alina Boyte

The Founder and CEO of the Changemaker Institute

Alina is a social impact educator and intellectual property strategist. Her background is in law - graduating Stanford Law with a PhD in copyright law and history, as well as the Universities of Cambridge and London for her Masters and Bachelors of Law. Her career path took her to the Multimedia Development Corporation as a Senior Executive advising the Malaysian government on cyberlaw and intellectual property matters. She's worked as a research assistant at Stanford Law and is now a tenured law professor at Mississippi College Law.

Today, established businesses and entrepreneurs hire her to reveal the hidden impact in their business and help them bridge the gap between profit goals and a social impact mission.

In her free time, she loves making authentic Malaysian cuisine, to the extent possible in the U.S. for her family, and cherishes the time she spends with her daughter, the inspiration behind the Changemaker Institute.

July 13, 2022

USP 051: | What Solutions need to be Effective featuring Alina Boyte

#051 – After hearing a message from a priest, Alina was inspired by the many dire situations people suffer from around the world. With the Change Maker Institute , she guides businesses to make significant social and environm...