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Uncensored Society Podcast

About The Podcast

Want someone to help build, grow and monetize your business?

Well, Kay Suthar is your person. In the Uncensored Society Podcast, Kay Suthar interviews Industry experts from diverse fields of marketing, sales, and finance who share their valuable experiences, insights, tips, tricks and hacks on they handle their business and help others do the same.

Built on the stronghold of 5 Pillars of Business-Marketing, Sales, Finance, Leadership, and Operations, the Uncensored Society Podcast brings the best out of its guests by keeping its interviews raw and unfiltered.

Tune in to the Podcast if you want to develop a business mindset, gain insights from value-driven interviews, and start and scale your entrepreneurial journey right now.

About the Host

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Kay Suthar

CEO of Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency and Host of Uncensored Society Podcast

Hello, and welcome to the Uncensored Society Podcast. I’m your host Kay Suthar. I come from a diverse background as I aimlessly wandered the world trying to figure out what I was actually passionate about, I went from working in the legal sector, as a Youth Worker working with Deaf kids, to being a hairdresser, doing voiceovers for children’s books, to training to become an MMA Fighter, to joining politics and finally becoming a Police Officer – the list can go on. And Yes, you heard correctly I am a former Police Officer who changed her career by quitting the Corporate world and becoming a Podcast & Business Strategist, as one does.

I serve men and women and focus on 5 main pillars of business: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and Leadership as well as how to UNFUCK their brains. And what I mean by that is that I teach you to understand what society, culture, and your family experiences might have done to jeopardise your way of thinking – putting you at a serious disadvantage.

As human beings, we have a gift, of overcomplicating everything and I’m going to explain that business really doesn’t need to be that complicated – it’s all about perspective, becoming aware of your habits and ditching those habits that no longer serve you. I am a big fan of, NO FLUFF, NO BULLSHIT but concrete and PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, that you can apply to your business.