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Uncensored Society Podcast

Uncensored Society Podcast

Host Kay Suthar and co-host Timothy R Johnson will be interviewing entrepreneurs as guests, talking about the REAL story behind their brand. Discussing their RELENTLESS journey to building a successful business, whilst getting deep with all the nitty-gritty and keeping it RAW and UNFILTERED.

This podcast will be packed full of shockers that will have your jaw drop to the floor. If you don’t like straight-talking… Then this isn’t the podcast for you!

Recent Episodes

USP: 043 | Creating Presentation Slides before Computers were a Thing

May 18, 2022

#43 - Brigette Callahan speaks on the empirical impacts of slides on presentations. In Brigette's experience in designing slides way before computers made them easy, together with her exposure to live speaking events, Briget…

USP: 042 | Why Communication is Everything as an Entrepreneur

May 11, 2022

#042 - Sir Dr. James Dentley III lays down the principles that explain why communication is everything. Being a serial entrepreneur since the mid-80s, Sir James believes that titles don’t make a person a leader. Instead, it …

USP: 041 | Living Better with a System-Oriented Lifestyle

May 4, 2022

#041 - Dan Lafave shares how he lives a solution-oriented and system-based life. When you don’t take over your feelings and thoughts, these translate to your entire body showing how our unconscious sometimes takes charge of …

Guest: Dan LeFave

USP: 040 | How Real Estate Makes 90% of Millionaires Today

April 27, 2022

#040 - Forbe’s Real Estate Council Member Tony Acosta talks about the two (2) main reasons why real estate is a great market to be in. By default, you’ll be taught how to sell when you get into real estate. But in Tony’s exp…

Guest: Tony Acosta

USP: 039 | Being Unbreakable, Unshakable and Unstoppable with Tallal Gondal

April 20, 2022

#039 - Tallal Gondal talks about the three turbochargers to every human connection. For Tallal, we can never deal with somebody unless we connect with them on a human level first. And when one gets too worked up on making th…

Guest: Tallal Gondal

USP: 038 | A System that Even 15-Year-Olds Can Use to Publish Books

April 13, 2022

#38 - Ty Cohen speaks on the type of system that makes publishing books easy even for 15-year-olds. Ty’s life growing up is undoubtedly one for the books. As someone who learned how to harness the power of authoring books, t…

Guest: Ty Cohen